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Duck 'n Bao

At Duck ‘n Bao, we specialise in Peking duck and xiaolongbao (Soup dumplings). Our chefs boasts over 20 years experience each. There is no better way to experience the classic dishes from China than here.

With everything freshly made and made to order, you can taste the difference.

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Sichuan cuisine is one of the oldest in China. Our chefs are dedicated to create authentic and delicious Sichuan dishes. Let the spices excite and entice your taste buds.

You can watch our chefs make soup dumplings right in front of you. We love freshness, just like you.

It takes over 36 hours to make one Peking duck. Good things take time. Book ahead as there are limited ducks each day.

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We promise an intimate and relaxed dining experience that offers something different to local and foreign patrons and ensures you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.

*Peking ducks pre-ordering is suggested. We have limited numbers daily. First come first served for walk-in customers.*

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